Matts Lundgren Dagstad

Designer, webdveloper, experience with
programming, html, javascript and some PHP
phone: (+47)973 25 492

Odin Sebastian Hofmandselv

Programmer, webdveloper
Phone: (+47)942 39 338

About Us:

We are 2 students that recently started a private company.
We work with allot of differnt things, and want some work experience.
Therefor we started by making our own little company.

We are working with this as a sidejob beside or school and other jobs.
Therefor it is then late opening hours.
We want to work with this after our education is complete,
and then the opening hours will change.
But to our advantage we are open on both satureday and sunday.

Matts: Working in a design agency and has become pretty good at design.
He also can a couple of programming languages and is gonna take a education withinn this.

Odin: Worked in a dvelopingagency and has become pretty good at programming.
He takes education within this

Together we are a good team.

Meeting Place: Tor Sørnes Vei 19A, 1532 MOSS
Ship Adress: Slalåmbakken 3E, 1598 MOSS
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Phone: 942 39 338Mail:
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