New website?

We can help you!


We Dvelope, design and create a website for you!

We create a website from the bottom.
We are dveloping the website for your desire.
We are helping you with upgrading your website you allredy have,
making it better or building it up depending on your desire.
We also make your website supported for mobile, ipad and tablet.
Then people can enter by these.

This is how we do it:

arrange a meeting, to hear your wishes, and how you want your website.

after the first meeting we are starting to dvelope the website,
as we wish to be as productive as possible.
We then set up some designs and exampels.

We're then arranging a new meeting and present the exampels. ¨
If you are not satisfied we then come up with more exampels,
if you then are satisfied we then work with the example for the finished product.

When the design is found, and you are satisfied with it,
we then start to forfill the website.
We are then holding communication by mail and phone,
to get the best resaults possible.

We arrange another meeting for showcasing the product,
and since we want you to be satisfied,
we still edit the product if you desire that you want something more/else on the website.


The product is now completed. We then arrange a meeting to showcase the product.
We then have the meeting on the potential platforms: facebook, cellphone, skype, whereby and local
Meeting Place: Tor Sørnes Vei 19A, 1532 MOSS
Ship Adress: Slalåmbakken 3E, 1598 MOSS
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